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20 Reading user parameters 

In the SAP system you can set user specific values for various field types (“Parameters” in transaction SU01) :

Sap Guixt sample020.01 Reading user parameters 

In some cases it makes sense to use these values in a GuiXT script or InputScript.  With the  include-file “read_user_parameters.txt” (please click on the link in the next column) you can read all user parameters into internal variables “V[user_parameter_XXX]” where XXX is the parameter id. For example, “WRK” is the parameter id for “Plant”, and the corresponding internal variable is V[user_parameter_WRK]. Sample coding:

// Get user parameters (first time only)

if not V[user_parameters_read=X]
  include “read_user_parameters.txt”


if V[user_parameter_WRK=7005]

  Set F[Plant] “7005″

  NoInput F[Plant]

  Box (10,1) (16,50) “Cost centers plant 7005″   



Sap Guixt sample Reading user parameters   Script include 

 Last update: January 24, 2004

GuiXT version: 
2004 Q1 2 and upwards


Reading user parameters