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25 Using image maps

Image maps, which are popular in websites, enable users to perform an action by clicking on a portion of the graphic (“hotspot”). With GuiXT Viewer, you can  embed an image map into an SAP screen and define separate actions for each link. For example you can design graphical menus whereby a click on an image link will start a certain transaction.  Or you can provide graphical value selection (geographical regions, organizational charts).

  • When you define the html page that contains the image map, please use the following page properties to avoid the scrollbar display and  margins:
    <BODY scroll=”no” topmargin=”0″ leftmargin=”0″>
  • When you define the hyperlink for a certain image region, use the “SAP://…” notation:   
    href=”SAP://State:FL” href=”SAP://Purchasing organization:HL42
    See our Viewer documentation for details.
  • A number of image map editors are available with which you can visually draw the image map regions and then let the tool generate the correct html code

Sap Guixt sample025 Using image mapsSap Guixt sample025.2 Using image maps

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April 26, 2005



Using image maps