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At first sight it is rather difficult to find all the relevant data for the selected customer. For example, you have to scroll through the address table to find telephone and fax number at the bottom of the table. It would be convenient to have all the data nicely formatted at one glance.

This can be done by using GuiXT viewer to  insert an rtf or html file as a template and by displaying the data via GuiXT variables.

SAP R/3 screen FO37 to display customer data
Sap Guixt vte03 fd03 02 RTF display with variables

Here the customer data is displayed by an rtf file. You can freely choose fonts and font sizes and format your text. This makes your R/3 screen far more intelligible.

Sap Guixt vte03 fd03 05 rtf RTF display with variables

You first delete all the original screen elements and replace them by an rtf file as a template. Your GuiXT script looks like this:

Sap Guixt vte03 fd03 04 script RTF display with variables

The corresponding rtf file customer.rtf.

You use GuiXT variables with fieldnames and/or coordinates. The variables will be replaced at runtime by the input values of the current screen.
Look at your GuiXT screen elements window to find the position of the input values you wish to display.

Sap Guixt vte03 fd03 05 rtf file RTF display with variables

If you prefer to keep the original R/3 screen and display customer data in an additional window you can use the view command with the “-floating” option. The rtf file is then displayed in a separate window which can be closed and moved like any other window on the screen.

Sap Guixt vte03 fd03 06 rtf float RTF display with variables

The GuiXt script with the “-floating” option is simple:

Sap Guixt vte03 fd03 04 scriptfloat RTF display with variables

 Sap Guixt weiter RTF display with variables 

GuiXT Viewer canbe used to display textfiles in rtf format.
You can use GuiXT variables to displayR/3 values within the rtf file and thus create a completely newscreen for your R/3 transaction.

RTF display with variables