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7 Help display with viewHelp

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A mouseclick on the yellow question mark at the end of the toolbar opens the viewhelp window in a predefined position.
The window can be resized with the mouse. It closes as you click on any of the R/3 inputfields.

Sap Guixt flistv1 Help display with viewHelp

If you create hyperlinks using the URL SAP:// you can enter values into chosen inputfields with a simple mouseclick. The hyperlink of hotspot “Repair order”  looks like this:

<a href=”SAP://Order%20type:AD02″>Repair order</a>

Html Editors (such as MS Frontpage) automatically insert the “%20″ in the hyperlink.

In your GuiXT script the code is fairly simple:

Image (toolbar) “help.gif” ViewHelp=“iw31.e.html”

If you place the image in the toolbar it should have a size of 18 x 18 pixels.

Please note: Instead of writing a small script for each screen where you want to offer your own html help, you can specify a “Help views” directory in GuiXT profile. See Help Views Directory for the details.


 Sap Guixt weiter Help display with viewHelp 

The viewHelp option presents an elegant way todisplay helpfiles within your R/3 screen.
It can be used withthe image and markcommand. It opens a specialhelpwindow at the right hand side of your R/3 screen to display anhtml or rtf file. This window closes as soon as the usermouseclicks on any inputfield on the screen.

Help display with viewHelp