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1 The R/3 standard transaction VD03, customer address data, looks like this:

Sap Guixt minitemplate01 Display transactions with HTML

Using GuiXT Viewer, you can choose the following layout instead:

Sap Guixt minitemplate02 Display transactions with HTML

For this example you need the following GuiXT script:

if Q[Transaction=VD03]
   View (2,4) (16,80) “template=CustomerAddress.html”
   del (2,0) (24,80)

With an html editor (like MS Frontpage) you produce the template file CustomerAddress.html, in which you use variables in order to show the R/3 screen fields. The notation for variables is the standard GuiXT notation. Field names as well as coordinates are possible:

Sap Guixt minitemplate03 Display transactions with HTML

2 As a next step, we now want to show the contact persons in the same html display. In standard R/3 they are displayed on a separate screen:

Sap Guixt minitemplate05 Display transactions with HTML

We use the InputAssistant with the following scripts:
Start screen VD03: Clear all GuiXT variables starting with VD03.

Sap Guixt minitemplate06 Display transactions with HTML

Address display in VD03. Check if it is necessary to read the contact persons. If yes, enter the internal code for the contact person display and process the input script. Otherwise: Show the data in html format.

Sap Guixt minitemplate07 Display transactions with HTML

Input Script. On the screen with the contact persons, set internal variables with the values needed later on. Use the “View Screen Elements” display in GuiXT for the name of the variables. Some of them have no names (no field labels), in which case you use screen coordinates.

Sap Guixt minitemplate08 Display transactions with HTML

html editor. Use the GuiXT variables in order to display the field values.

Sap Guixt minitemplate09 Display transactions with HTML

Final result:

Sap Guixt minitemplate04 Display transactions with HTML

In a similar manner you can add information from other screens as well.

 Sap Guixt weiter Display transactions with HTML 

With GuiXT Viewer you can use html or rtf inorder to realize a completely new layout for R/3 displaytransactions. The technique is straightforward, as you will see inthe following examples. You can use any of a number of tools inorder to design a screen layout that your users will like; here wehave used MS Frontpage.

Severalenhancements are possible; for example you can combine data fromseveral screens into one html page, using InputAssistant.

Display transactions with HTML