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Help texts concerning input fields are normally available in R/3. But they require an additional dialog step, and furthermore just the right little tip that would be the most helpful is sometimes missing, one that gives a useful example for instance. 

The user would certainly welcome an additional tip concerning a field or a field group which can be displayed locally (quickinfo).

For example, you have cancelled  the input possibility of the field  “EAN/UPC Code” in the material master data, and now want to add a brief explanation:

NoInput F[EAN/UPC]
Tip F[EAN/UPC] “International Article Number – internal assignment” 

Sap Guixt image.5.1 Add tips 

You can only write one line of text, up to 255 characters. But it is amazing how helpful a well formulated short sentence can be. A few typical input values will also help the user: 

Tip F[Movement type] “251-sales/252-reversal 331-random sample/332-rev. 551-scrap/552-rev.”
Sap Guixt image.5.2 Add tips 

With the “GuiXT Viewer” add-on you can create your own help files in html format. See our Viewer-Tutorial for the details.

mark F[Sales organization] viewHelp=”C:\guixt\africa.html”
mark F[Sales office] viewHelp=”C:\guixt\africa.html”

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