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With the Default feature, you can assign a default value to an input field. In other words, if the field is blank when the screen is displayed, this default value will be assigned to it. The default value and the read-only feature can be combined.

Standard SAP screen for Create PM Order: Initial Screen (Transaction Code: IW31)

Sap Guixt tutord3 1 Set default values

To set Default value:

  1. Select the input field where default value is to be set

  2. Move the mouse to the desired location and left click

  3. Double-clicking on the input field will bring up the default dialog box.

Sap Guixt tutord3 2 Set default values

The Default feature can also be combined with Read-only. With Read-only you cancel a field group or field’s possibility for input. To set Read-only:

Simply “Click” on Read-only.  The “Business Area” field would reflect the default value like “0001″ and a read-only field.

Sap Guixt tutord3 3 Set default values

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Set default values