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Help texts concerning input fields are normally available in R/3. But on the one hand they require an additional dialogue step, and furthermore just the right little tip that is needed is sometimes missing, one that gives a useful example for instance.

The user would certainly welcome an additional tip concerning a field or a field group which can be displayed locally without any time delay.

Standard SAP screen for Enter Goods Issue (Transaction Code MB1A).

Sap Guixt tutord2 1 Add tips and texts

Adding text and tip:

  1. Select the text icon from the toolbar Sap Guixt image8 Add tips and texts
  2. Move the mouse to the desired location and left-click
  3. Double-clicking on the text will bring up the text dialog box

Sap Guixt tutord2 2 Add tips and texts

  • Additional text/tip controls can be used for simple instructions or additional reminder in the SAP screen

Sap Guixt tutord2 3 Add tips and texts

 Sap Guixt weiter Add tips and texts 

Add tips and texts