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It is easier to choose from a small list of given values than to remember and write out the value each time. The standard value help (F4) in R/3 is a little lengthier than necessary for a small number of alternative values. GuiXT makes it possible to represent these alternatives by means of radio button groups, and furthermore to use comprehensibe text rather than codes.

Standard SAP screen for Creating Delivery (Transaction Code: VL01)

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Adding Radio buttons

  1. Select the radio button icon from the toolbar Sap Guixt image10 Add radiobuttons
  2. Move the mouse to the desired location and left-click
  3. Enter the name of the radio button in the title field
  4. To configure the radio button to enter a specific value into input fields,
    right click on the radio button and select “Properties…”

Click on the “Command” pane, use the combo box to select the field,
and enter the value in the value field

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  1. To group a collection of radio buttons together so that they are exclusive of each other,
    use the Group box

    Combination of Radio buttons and images

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Add radiobuttons