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Speedy, simple and wide ranging navigation is crucial in a vast system such as R/3. By means of pull down menus and push buttons the SAP standard already offers many navigational possibilities.

Push buttons can show a textual label, an icon or both. It allows quick and easy access to a function or a transaction. Push buttons added by Designer has to be hooked up to a transaction code. (For more information on transaction code, see SAP documentation).

Standard SAP screen for Create Sales Order: Initial Screen (Transaction Code: VA01)

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To add a push button:

  1. Select the PushButton icon from the toolbar Sap Guixt image6 Add pushbuttons

  2. Move the mouse to the desired location and left-click

  3. Write the label inside the Text Field

  4. To wire up the button to a transaction code, bring up the “Properties” dialog and select the “Command” pane.

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  5. Enter a transaction code in the “Transaction:” field, with the appropriate invocation specification. For example, enter “/nva15″, to configure this button to execute transaction “/nva15″.

  6. You can add more push buttons, simply put the label on the push button and set the transaction code.

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Add pushbuttons