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What is the point of having images and graphics in R/3 screens? Four principal reasons spring to mind.

- To create a recognizable context.
- To orientate us within a screen.
- To give the screen a personal, friendly touch.
- Images can carry a mass of vital information, in particular if the choice of image is data dependent.

Standard Logon Screen of SAP

Sap Guixt tutord1 1 Add images

Images controls are used to add images to the SAP screen. The images can be in .jpg,
.gif, or .bmp format.

Adding Image:

  1. Select the Image icon from the toolbar Sap Guixt image4 Add images.
  2. Move the mouse to the desired location and left click
  3. Double-clicking on the image will bring up the image dialog box.

    Sap Guixt tutord1 2 Add images

    Figure 2 Options for image control

  4. The location of the image file can also be specified in the title field
  5. By default, GuiXT stretches images to the size of the specified image control. Turning on ‘No Stretch’ will disable this, and GuiXT will keep the aspect ratio of the original image.
  6. By default, GuiXT places a border surrounding the image. Turning on ‘No borders’ disables this feature. This is useful when the image needs to blend into the background of the SAP screen.

Sap Guixt tutord1 3 Add images

 Sap Guixt weiter Add images 

Add images