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22 Opening a mail message window 

You want to display an icon in an SAP screen that allows the user to open a mail message window with a predefined mail address. Example:

Sap Guixt sample022.01 Opening a mail message window

When the user clicks on the icon, the desktop email application opens, and the email address and subject are already filled in: 

Sap Guixt sample022.03 Opening a mail message window

Sample script:

text (8,21) “Logon problems?”
text (9,21) “Please email”
image (8.5,32) “images/email.gif”            start=”mailto:service@abcd.com?subject=Logon in system &V[_database]“
text (9,36) “to our help desk”

It is also possible to insert a default email body text. Example:

Image … start=”mailto:service@abcd.com?subject=Logon in system&V[_database]&body=Hello”

 Last update: March 30, 2004

Sap Guixt sample022.02 Opening a mail message windowemail.gif


Opening a mail message window