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19 Handling GuiXT activation in ABAP

In the sapgui options, the menu item “Activate GuiXT” allows the user to activate and to deactivate GuiXT.  The option can be checked and manipulated  on the application server as well, using a desktop interface in ABAP. 
For example, you can use a predefined SAP logon exit (see SAP note 111758, transaction CMOD, exit SUSR0001) to check the GuiXT activation, to inform the user how she can activate GuiXT; or to activate it directly in your ABAP module.  

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Sap Guixt sample Handling GuiXT activation in ABAP  GuiXT activation  

 Last update: October 14, 2003

sapgui 4.6d or sapgui 6.20

Handling GuiXT activation in ABAP