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8 Dynamic values in input sets You want to offer input sets in the toolbar that enter values automatically. Some of the values can only be determined dynamically.

Solution Use the image command. You specify (toolbar) instead of screen coordinates;  the image is then displayed on the right hand side of the toolbar, like the input set symbols. The “Input=…” string can be defined dynamically using GuiXT variables. Finally, if you want to use the same  symbols like GuiXT uses for input sets, you can work with “a.res”,… “Z.res” instead of painting your own image files (.bmp, .gif, .jpg).

// Sample coding

if V[choice=1]
  Set V[mat] “M-05″

  Set V[plant] “1000″


  Set V[mat] “M-02″

  Set V[plant] “1600″


Image (toolbar) “M.res” Input=”Material:&V[mat];Plant:&V[plant]“

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Dynamic values in input sets