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24 Choosing an icon

Pushbuttons and texts can start with an SAP icon. Each icon has a certain 2-character id, e.g. “8G”. The notation “@8G@Push” displays the icon “8G” followed by the text “Push”. Or, with an additional quickinfo “This button…”, you can use the notation “@8G\QThis button…@Push”.  

For an overview of all icons with their ids, you can use GuiXT Designer, pushbutton attributes. The Designer automatically generates the right notation.

Sap Guixt sample024.02 Choosing an icon

You can also use a small GuiXT script that will show exactly what icons are defined in your system (some have been added by SAP in various releases):

Sap Guixt sample024.01 Choosing an icon

 Please click on the link in the next column to get the script, if needed.

Sap Guixt sample Choosing an icon  Icon display  

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January 11, 2005



Choosing an icon