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27 Checking the format of a “time” value

Your InputField is defined as follows:

InputField (10,10) “Time” (10,18) size=8 name=“mytime”

When the user clicks a “Save” or “Check” button, you first want to check the correct format hh:mm:ss of the entered time. You also want to allow the user to enter the hour hh only, or the hour plus minutes in the form hh:mm.

This can be done in your InputScript using substring notation &V[xxx](x-y] together with some computations and comparisons.

Please click on the link in the next column to get the InputScript with the time format checking.


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September 14, 2005


Sap Guixt sample Checking the format of a "time" value  InputScript “check.txt”






Checking the format of a "time" value