Overview of Viewer functions


Further information:

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  • Display company specific help (html format) within SAP transactions
  • Set input values or invoke actions automatically by clicking on html links

Note: By clicking on the appropriate image you can open a tutorial  of your choice.


Sap Guixt flistv1 Viewer
  • Integrate rtf files (e.g. from Word) in SAP screens

Sap Guixt flistv2 Viewer
  • Integrate current internet or intranet information
Sap Guixt flistv3 Viewer
  • Create display transactions in html format with automatic R/3 value substitution
Sap Guixt flistv4 Viewer
  • Write your own R/3 data entry application in html and Java script
Sap Guixt flistv5 Viewer