Input Recording

Function This records all data that you enter and all actions; it also produces an InputScript file (InputScript.txt).
Activate Input Recording You activate it by clicking on Options->Input Recording and Edit->Recorded InputScript.
You can also click the buttons in the GuiXT toolbar:

Sap Guixt inputrecord1 Input Recording
Input Recording can be switched on/off by simple mouseclick on the toolbar button.

The input recorder can be activated from within Designer; see GuiXT menu or use the buttons on the toolbar.

Sap Guixt inputrecord2 Input Recording

How to use the recorded input The record of all data you entered and all actions makes it easy for you to write InputScripts, e.g. scripts for single screen transactions.
You can edit the recorded script and save it with a new filename. The file InputScript.txt which is automatically generated by input recorder is overwritten by each new recording process.

Sap Guixt inputrecord3 Input Recording

Example of InputScript generated by Input Recorder.

Input Recording