Designer Basics

Purpose GuiXT Designer a is a wysiwyg type interface for defining the layout of SAP screens. Using the mouse you can shift or delete fields; you can add new elements such as images, buttons, texts, or group boxes.
In parallel to the wysiwyg mode, Designer generates and updates the GuiXT script. Designer comes with an integrated, syntax colored script editor which lets you switch between wysiwyg mode and script editor mode at any time.

Sap Guixt designer1 Designer   Basics   Installation
wysiwyg mode

Sap Guixt integr edit Designer   Basics   Installation
Script editor mode

Using Designer (instead of laboriously writing the script by hand) saves you heaps of time in producing a really good screen layout. 

Technology When you invoke Designer in the GuiXT window, the SAP screen layout is saved into a file (.sy1-file in GuiXT script directory). This file is then read by Designer, together with the GuiXT script.  During layout editing in Designer, a copy of the GuiXT script is changed in parallel, and finally saved into the script directory as soon as you press the “Save” button. 
Installation / Configuration Download Designer Setup and run the setup program. Start Designer and click on Tools->License manager. There you will find a HostId, generated during setup, e.g. S146AE902. Order your designer license key using this HostId. Insert the Designer license in the  Tools->License manager window.
Starting Designer You can start Designer from the GuiXT window, either by using the menu path Tools -> Designer or directly clicking the Designer button:

Sap Guixt aufrufdesigner Designer   Basics   Installation

Tutorial You will find additional information in our Designer Tutorial.

Designer – Basics – Installation