Material number display

General The following special feature is not included in the standard GuiXT license. Please contact Synactive if you would like to use it.

The purpose of the option is to display a structured layout of the material number. You specify a bitmap of your choice in the GuiXT profile. This bitmap is then shown in the lower part of each material number field in R/3.

 Input field:

Sap Guixt material1 Material number display

Read-only field:

Sap Guixt material2 Material number display

Tabular screen:

Sap Guixt material3 Material number display

Different bitmap:

Sap Guixt material5 Material number display


The first 3 examples use the following bitmap (bmp format, size 146×5):

Sap Guixt material4 Material number display

The last example uses the following bitmap:

Sap Guixt material6 Material number display

Any colors can be used, but normally white/black/gray suffice.

Limitations The feature covers the standard input and output fields as well as tabular screens (steploop and table control).

Please observe the following limitations which are not likely to be removed in the near future:

  • Lists (ABAP reports) are not supported
  • Popup screens (e.g., the matchcode screen) are not supported
  • When the user changes the position of the material number columnn in a table control, the bit map is not moved synchronously until the user presses the Enter button (a better solution is under development for the 4.6 Sapgui level)
  • lower case letters in the material number are not supported
  • The bitmap is automatically streched according to the selected font size. It is not possible to specify different bitmaps for different fontsizes.
Sap Guixt profile10 Material number display Step 1

Install GuiXT. Choose a test bitmap (format bmp 146×5 pixels), for example a red line, and specify this bitmap in all 4 fields of the GuiXT profile (Edit->Profile in GuiXT Window). If you are using a guixt.ini file instead, you can specify the bmp files there as well.

Sap Guixt profile1 Material number display

Sap Guixt material7 Material number display

Step 2

Specify a directory for the domain files. If you are working with InputAssistant, you have probably generated these domain files already.

For the material number you only need the file


(E=English, use DomText.D.txt, DomText.F.txt,… for German, French, …)

This file contains the text for material number fields.

For testing purposes you can start with a simple file that you create manually, containing only one line for the text “Material”. Save this file to the domain directory.

The R/3 material number fields may have other texts as well. These texts are specified in the DomText.E.txt file, either manually or by running the generation utility ZGUIXT12 (see documentation InputAssistant).

Lot number: MATNR
Material: MATNR
Receiver material: MATNR
Sender material: MATNR
Service number: MATNR

Exceptions, i.e. fields with these texts that do not contain a material number, can also be specified, if necessary, in the file DomTextScreen.E.txt.

Example for an entry in this file:


This file is generated by ZGUIXT12 as well.

Please observe that both the domain files and the bitmaps are kept in memory during one GuiXT session. If you have changed the domain files or the bitmap, you have to perform the following steps:

  • logoff from R/3
  • terminate GuiXT
  • start GuiXT again
  • logon to R/3 again

Otherwise you will still see the old version.

During productive use this means that the files can be put on a file server in your local net without any decrease in performance

  Step 3

Logon to R/3 and test.

Material number display