GuiXT dll-Exits

You can download the following dlls and then use the exit functions in the GuiXT Call statement. Feel free to look at the C++ source code, to change the code if necessary, and to send us other useful examples or enhancements.

These examples are provided free of charge. We looked at the code and we performed some tests, but please understand that we have to exclude any liability here. These functions are not included in any contract between you and Synactive GmbH.

Synactive and other authors of these dlls disclaim any liability for damages arising out of use, or inability to use, or supply, or non-supply, of these exits. These functions are not part of a software license contract between you and Synactive GmbH.

Installation of a dll
Copy the dll to a directory on your local machine or on a server. It might be necessary to specify the full path in the dll=”…” parameter of the GuiXT call statement, if the directory is not one of the standard dll directories and not contained in the path environment variable.

dll Name Function Description

Size: 36k
Last update: Feb 8, 2001
Author: Synactive




alphanum Adds leading 0000… to a numerical field.


In The string that should be filled with leading 0000…

In Size of output string, maximum 250

Out String with leading 0000…


Call “alphanum” dll=”guixtstring.dll” In=”&[Material]” In=”8″ Out=”NumMaterial”

In In Out
12345 8 00012345
12345 10 0000012345
A100 8 A100
  8 00000000
StripQuotationMarks Strips quotation marks from a string.

Typical methods of generating ASCII text files place double quotation marks around character fields. In R/3  these quotation marks aren’t wanted.  


In The string with quotation marks

Out String without quotation marks


Call “StripQuotationMarks” dll=”guixtstring.dll” In=”&[QMaterial]“  Out=”SMaterial”

In Out
“abcde” abcde
abcde abcde
“abcde “abcde
abcde” abcde”

GuiXT dll-Exits