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In GuiXT Profile you can specify a directory in which you store your own documentation for SAP transactions, in html format. Without writing a single script line, GuiXT automatically signals to the user that special  documentation is available for this transaction, by means of a help icon in the toolbar. The help icon has to be contained in the Help Views directory as well.
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When the user clicks on the help icon, the documentation is displayed at the upper right hand corner. In our example (transaction VA01) the file name is e.transaction.VA01.html. The help window can be resized by the user.
Sap Guixt profilehv1 Help Views Help views directory with your own help files (Viewer). For each transaction you can create a separate file, e.g. e.transaction.VA01.html for transaction VA01, language key E.
In addition, GuiXT expects an image file  “help.gif” in this folder (format 18×18 pixel. e.g. Sap Guixt profile help Help Views). This is the icon that GuiXT displays in the toolbar if a help file for the current transaction exists. You can use an image command  with  ViewHelp=… to override the help file.
In the SAP logon screen the help file e.transaction.logon.html is searched. Here the language key is set according to the language of the logon screen.

Entry in guixt.ini:


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