Purpose With Message you can display a special message in a separate popup screen from a GuiXT script or an InputScript
Example Message "Price change starting &[AEDAT]" Title=Please note new prices"

Message "message text"

Message "message text" Title=Title"

The message "message text" which can be one or several lines long will be shown with title "Title".

-StatusLine The message  is displayed in the status line. An already existing SAP standard message is not shown in this case.

If the message text starts with  “S: ” or “E: ” or “W: “, the message is shown as information or error message or warning message. Example:

Message "E: Amount &V[amount] exceeds the limit of 50,000" -StatusLine

  • A title parameter is ignored in this case
  • The -StatusLine option is always assumed in “SAPGUI for HTML” environment (ITS)
-yesno The user is offered two answer options Yes and No.


Message "Do you want to save" Title=Save Item" -yesno

if Q[ok]

// user clicked yes-button



// user clicked no-button



 & Tricks
  • As always you can use variables in the message text and title
  • By inserting \n in your message you can create a carriage return in your message, by inserting \t a tab