Purpose With LocalValueHelp you can dynamically assign a local value help to an entry field. Both SAP standard fields and your own InputFields are supported.
Examples LocalValueHelp F[Document type] domain=“EXT_DOCTYPE”
Format LocalValueHelp F[entry field] domain=“DOMNAME”

The local value help file is searched as file “dom.E.DOMNAME.txt” in the directory that you have specified as “Domains” in GuiXT profile. Here “E” is the language key (E=English, D=German, F=French,…).

When you apply it to your own InputField, please use the field label. Example:

InputField (10,1)"Reference" (10,20) size="10" name="Refnr"
F[Reference] domain=“MATREFERENCE”

If the InputField has no label,  you use the name of the internal variable instead:

InputField (10,1) size="10" name="MM02_Ref2" -nolabel
F[MM02_Ref2] domain=“MATREFERENCE”