Purpose With CheckBox you can create additional checkboxes. Its value (“X”=checked, ” “ otherwise) can be used in an InputScript.
Example CheckBox (10,1)"Environmentally relevant" Name=EnvRel"

This defines a checkbox at position (10,1). The internal field name is EnvRel, i.e. in the InputScript its value is written in the symbolic form &[EnvRel]

Format CheckBox (row,col) "text" Name=..."

Additional options:

Default=..." Specification of a default value, only “X” or ” “ are possible

& Tricks
  • You can also specify a quickinfo for the checkbox, observing the SAP standard convention for a text with a quickinfo. Example:

@0L\QAttention: Material safety sheets required@Environmentally relevant”

  • You can mark a checkbox by an InputScript with Set: use the values “X” or ” “, or a parameter which has one of these values.