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9 Scrolling through a table  On a screen with one or more tables you want to read all lines of one of the tables, not just its visible part .

Solution Use the commands “GetTableAttribute” and “Enter ScrollToLine=…  Table=…” in order to scroll through the whole table. 

Example 1 The InputScript “ViewTable” downloads a table from screen  to a file, scrolling through all lines.  It also demonstrates how InputScripts can be written in a quite general manner. You can use it in a dynpro of your choice, specifying the table name and up to 4 column names as “using” parameters.  Add more column names if needed, or your own logic for selecting a subset of the lines. For example, if you wish to download only the lines marked by the user, substitute the “AppendFile” statement by the following coding:


// Line marked?
Set V[marked] “&cell[&U[tabname],0,&V[relrow]]”
if V[marked=X]
  AppendFile “&U[filename]” C1 C2 

Example 2 The InputScript selects some material views in MM03 (SAP Rel. 4.6C). 

Sap Guixt sample Scrolling through a tableExample 1

Last update: October 14, 2002

Sap Guixt sample Scrolling through a tableExample 2

Last update: August 3, 2003

GuiXT version: 

Example 1: 2002 Q4 1 and upwards

Example 2: 2003 Q3 3 and upwards


Scrolling through a table