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5 Foreground display of a transaction started in alternative mode You have created a new pushbutton that starts a transaction in alternative mode, using the “/O…” notation. This opens a new window, but the window is shown in the background, i.e. behind the window with the pushbutton. It would be better to have the new window displayed in the foreground so that the user can work with it immediately.

Solution There isn’t a way to achieve this in GuiXT, since it is an issue of sapgui and the Windows standard behavior in WIn98 and Win2000. Even when the user himself starts a new session by entering a /O command, the new window is hidden behind the previous sapgui window. There is a parameter in the windows registry that controls this behavior. If you set it to 0 the new window is shown on top of the old one:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]


The change will be in effect with the next Windows start.

Last update: September 4, 2001 Problem exists only in Windows 98 and WIndows 2000

Foreground display of a transaction started in alternative mode