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18 Finding a searchhelp name

When you define your own InputField, you can refer to SAP standard matchcode with the techname=”…” parameter. 

How do you get the technical field name, e.g. “MARA-IDNRA”? 
In an SAP standard transaction, put the cursor in a field, press F1 (field help) and then  click on the icon “Technical info”. This will display the technical field name as “Screen field” in the group box “Field description for batch input”. Use this name in the techname=”…” parameter.

In some cases the search help for the InputField does not work with this field name. The reason is that, in SAPs data dictionary, some fields are not linked to a search help, and GuiXT’s functionality is based on  data dictionary information. 

You then have to define the name of the search help directly with the searchhelp=”…” parameter of the InputField statement, instead of using techname=”…”.

But how do you find the right search help? Transaction SE11 (data dictionary) lists them all, but it might be hard to find the right one. Here we describe an alternative way to get the search help, using ABAP debugging information.

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Sap Guixt sample Finding a searchhelp name Finding a searchhelp name 

 Last update: September 29, 2003


Finding a searchhelp name