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26 Display a numeric keypad

For a certain user group, you want to display a numeric keypad on the SAP screen so that the material number can be entered directly on a touchmonitor.

The script uses the same image for all buttons, and displays the digits (and the entered material number) with the “textstring” feature”. Example:

Image (0,0) “numbutton.gif”
“U[digit]:7;OK:process=digit.txt” -plain
=”7″ textheight=80 -textcenter

Pease click on the link in the next column to get the scripts and images, if needed.

The image below shows that, because of the size and clarity of the digits, the “textstring” feature can also help visually impaired people to use  SAP transactions more easily.

Sap Guixt sample026 Display a numeric keypad

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August 3, 2005

Sap Guixt sample Display a numeric keypad  GuiXT script

Sap Guixt sample Display a numeric keypad  InputScript “digit.txt” 

Sap Guixt numbutton Display a numeric keypad


Sap Guixt whitebox Display a numeric keypad


GuiXT version:
2005 Q2 4 and upwards

Display a numeric keypad