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6 Avoid the expression “&[xyz]“  Use “&V[xyz]” if you address a variable, and “&F[xyz]” if you address a screen field. It is then easier to understand what you are doing. In addition, a statement like

Set V[MM_MaterialType]      “&[Material type]“

will fail, if  you have already set a variable with this name before:

Set V[Material Type] “…”     

GuiXT first looks for a variable with the given name, before looking for the screen field. The naming conventions in 5 exclude such problems, but they can nonetheless crop up during script development. Unless you really enjoy endlessly searching for such errors, avoid them by using the explicit notation at all times.

Besides,  the “&F[name]” notation is faster than  “&[name]“, since the variable table lookup is not required.

Last update: July 4, 2004

Avoid the expression "&[xyz]"