1 My Viewer does not work on some PCs, i.e. nothing happens. Has this something to do with pinnacle?   Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
2 Using GuiXT is it possible to design a screen for sales order entry where a click on a map is used to select a sales area. I have seen solutions that use a map icon to display the areas with radio buttons at the side but I want to be able to click on the map itself to select the region. If it can be done what method would be used? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
3 Do I need a specific browser when I want to view an html-file? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
4 I created an html page that contains the following hyperlink:
The link is meant to invoke transaction SM12, fill in some values, and activate Enter. But it does not work.
Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
5 Is it possible to display a pdf-file in a SAP ERP screen?  Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
We are using an external database to hold some information outside SAP. We access this database using the view command and we are writing data back to SAP using the sap: url method. This works very well. Excellent functionality! The question is how can we stop users typing text into the field and only accept the data from the web browser, because if I set the field to noinput I can’t update it from the web browser either?
Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
7 Is it possible to display SAP ERP data in the html-file? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
8 I am working with a template-file while using the Viewer. The Viewer variables aren’t being substituted in the html file. What could be the problem? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
9 Can a GuiXT input script execute a .bat file outside of SAP? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
10 Value dependent domain: I have two input fields on the screen. Depending on the content of the first field, I want to have a different local value help on the second field. Is this possible, and if so, how? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
11 Why is it impossible to run Viewer with ITS? We use GuiXT to integrate JPEG files into the output of SAP reports.  Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
12 Is it possible to close the viewer window from within the InputScript? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer

We are desparately trying to enable a help file to be called from the Web Repository. When I invoke the transaction and push the toolbar icon I get a blank screen. Can you help? 

Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer

It is possible to use scripts on ftp servers, e.g.
Set V[TB_File] “
View “&V[TB_File]“
Also, is it possible to generate files on ftp servers? Example:
Set V[TB_File] “
View “&V[TB_File]“    template=”

Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
15 Listimage: We use GuiXT to integrate JPEG files into the output of SAP reports. It is possible to allow our users to print out the resultlist, including a photo? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
16 I tried to use the “View” command for an “httpsURL, but this does not work, in contrast to normal “http” URLs. What could be the reason? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
17 I am displaying a vendor via transaction XK03 and using the view statement: view (0,0) (15,80) “template=vendor_test.rtf”. Please help me with the problem that arises with variables. Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
18 I display an HTML page in an SAP screen that uses JavaScript. How can I leave the current transaction and start a new one, e.g. VA01? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
19 Logon on Error: We have loaded all the files onto the Web Repository and are using the following command to open an HTML file
View (7,0) (22,145) “order_items_&V[VA01_KUNNR].htm”
However, we get “Page Cannot be displayed” message. Are there settings to be changed on the Web Repository to allow GuiXT to create the variable HTML page?
Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
20 I use the “template” function to display a dynamic HTML page in an SAP screen. Currently the scripts are stored in a local folder, but for production we want to upload all scripts to SAP Web Repository. Is it necessary to distribute the template HTML file to each PC, or can it be kept in the Web Repository as well? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
21 I display an HTML page on top of an ABAP list. Is it possible to create buttons in the HTML page that, when clicked, will scroll through the ABAP list (e.g. one page forward/backward)? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
22 We use an HTML-Template to display additional data in transaction MD04. This works very well, but one of our users i
n Poland has observed that certain Polish characters are not correctly displayed. What could be the reason?
Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
23 I am displaying HTML files with “View”. This works fine until I move the HTML files to SAP Web repository. Now the images in the files are no longer displayed, even though I have checked that I’ve uploaded the images as well to the web repository. Why? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
24 How do you pass SAP Values to HTML in Viewer without using template files
If I use template= all I get is a display with no abilities. 
Without template= I get the functionality but cannot get the values from SAP.
Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
25 Is the view command supposed to work inside the screen statement or only before the first screen statement? Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer
26 I display an HTML page with  the View command. Is it possible to suppress the scrollbar area at the right hand side of the display? I don’t need a scrollbar for this HTML page and would prefer to have the HTML display as compact as possible. Sap Guixt pfeile Viewer